28. December 2016

2017 edition: Transglutaminase Speciality Reagents catalogue

Zedira - Committed to Transglutaminase

Historically, the roots of Zedira go back to Prof. Lothar Fuchsbauer’s work on microbial transglutaminase at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany, during the 1990s. At that time, he discovered together with his PhD student Ralf Pasternack, that microbial transglutaminase derived from Streptomyces species is produced as an inactive pro-enzyme that is activated by the cleavage of a propeptide. The enzyme is well known as a “biological glue” widely used in food processing.

In 1999 the start-up N-Zyme BioTec was founded by Lothar and Ralf along with Prof. H.G. Gassen (Darmstadt University) and Dr. J. Klein (Doehler Group) to target novel applications of microbial transglutaminase. One year later Martin Hils joined the company bringing along his expertise in molecular biology and recombinant protein production.
Today, recombinant microbial transglutaminase (T001) is one of the most important products in our portfolio. The highly active and purified transglutaminase is especially useful for site-specific protein modification.
In the ensuing years the business focus has shifted more and more towards human transglutaminases and their role in various diseases, including the development of small molecule blockers of transglutaminases. Drug discovery requires funding and therefore investors. Consequently, in 2007 Martin and Ralf decided to establish a pharmaceutical company, which they named Zedira. The company started with the aim of generating transglutaminaserelated products geared towards celiac disease.
  Zedira Transglutaminase specialty reagents catalogue

Today, ZED1227 is the first small molecule transglutaminase blocker in clinical development. It is an irreversible peptidomimetic inhibitor of tissue transglutaminase (TG2). Dr. Falk Pharma, an experienced mid-size pharmaceutical company based in Freiburg, Germany, is in charge of the clinical development of ZED1227.
In 2009 the company moved on to develop products related to thrombosis, with coagulation factor XIII (FXIII, F13, plasma transglutaminase) as the target. The idea was to generate a drug candidate for efficient anticoagulation without bleeding events, a still unmet medical need. In late 2016 we synthesized a drug able compound. Again, this drug candidate is a peptidomimetic but, in this case, it is specific for FXIIIa.

The idea of targeting FXIII is not new and was previously considered by several different pharmaceutical companies. However, no compound directed towards FXIIIa had previously reached clinical trials. Our current drug candidate FXIII-blocker has recently been shown to be an efficient anticoagulant without increasing the bleeding time in an animal model. We are now going to partner this compound – bringing the next transglutaminase blocker to the clinic.

Over the last 18 years we have developed many products for our internal R&D. However, we have also decided to market these products, in order to fulfill our mission: to catalyze research in the transglutaminase field, both in academia and in industry, by providing reliable, firstrate products.

Be assured that we will do our very best to support you and your essential work. This is not just a stereotypical marketing platitude. We sincerely wish to communicate directly with you – so whenever you have questions concerning our products, or if you need research tools thus far not implemented in our portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Further, we provide an independent communication platform entitled “Transglutaminase Blog”. We invite scientists renowned in their respective field to write short articles about their work. Since the transglutaminase cosmos is extremely broad, we expect more exciting articles in the coming years.

What will the future for transglutaminases look like? Actually, we see a growing interest of the pharmaceutical industry in transglutaminases. In case this interest turns out to be sustainable, it is going to boost the research in academia and industry. We are confident that there is a bright future for the whole transglutaminase community.

Zedira is committed to accompany the endeavor.

Sincerely yours,
On behalf of the entire Zedira team

Ralf Pasternack and Martin Hils 
  Zedira Ralf Pasternack and Martin Hils

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  • Zedira offers a huge portfolio of reliable specialist transglutaminase related products meant to catalyze research and development, both in academia and industry.


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